Summer League recognize its founders 

LAS AMERICAS, Boca Chica (June 4).- 
The hot weather has arrived and it feels with much more intensity with the return of the summer boys to their respective academies.

But this time the sunlight is warmer and stronger, because the Dominican Summer League is going to be celebrating during the whole season its 20th anniversary.

It was the right occasion to recognize those who planted the seed of baseball during the hot summer of 1985 in the fertile Cibao region.

Rafael Ávila, Epy Guerrero, Winston Llenas, Pedro González, Julio Linares, Jesús Alou , Elvio Jiménez, Monchín Pichardo, Juan Marichal and Sal Arteaga were on hand for the recognition.

During the opening ceremony, teams Cleveland 1 and 2 stood at the corners of the diamond while Cincinnati and Colorado were at the bases. They watched from there the presentation of diplomas, rings and the champion cup.

Baseball Commissioner, Porfirio –Popo- Veras hoisted up the Dominican flag, Billy Bean, the one of United States of America and Tim Brunswick the league’s flag. The Band of the Navy performed the anthems of both countries.

Freddy Jana, president of the league, pronounced the welcoming words and Veras spoke on behalf of the Dominican government.

Ronaldo Peralta represented the office of Major League Baseball with the presence of Pat O’Conner, vice president of Minor Leagues. Winston Llenas did the translations.

Ezequiel Sepúlveda, president of the Scouts Association, praised the work done by Freddy Jana during his 20 year term. 

Juan Marichal made the ceremonial first pitch with Juan Puello as the catcher and admiral Lizardo Jorge as the hitter.

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