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Ortiz Pitches No-Hitter in San Pedro de Macorís’ Division 

INGENIO PORVENIR, San Pedro de Macorís (Ago 11), -Luís Ortiz(Orioles) pitched a no-hitter game, no hits nor races during seven innings. When winning 6-0 to the Pirates, national champions, in the division of San Pedro de Macorís of the Dominican Summer League. 

 Ortiz, must get a mark of 1-1 this summer with 4,07 of effectiveness. During ten games he worked in 24.1 entrances, in which he allowed 18 hits and 15 runs, 11 clean runs, 26 bases by balls, and 27 strike-outs.  

Against the Pirates, he gave three bases by balls with nine strike-outs. 

 This circuit is commanded by the Blue Jays with 4-116 to 5,5,  followed by the Angels with 28-30, behind are Orioles (13.5), Stars (1.5), Pirates (18.5), and Rangers (19.5). 

 In other results, first of a double game, Victor Igsema batted 3-1 with home run and two towed so that the Pirates could win 4-1 over the Orioles. 

 The Rangers won to Angels 2-0 with the aid of Ronny Herrera. He connected 4-2 with triple and two written down. The Blue Jays defeated 8-6 the Stars, with the performance of Jesus González. He went 4-3, including double, triple, run, and two towed. 

 Cuban Arrives at 122 Strike-Outs 

 In Las Américas, Cuban Raul Valdez in his rescuer role stroke-out eleven players. He arrived at 122 in the strike-out leadership of the East division Santo Domingo and Puppies overcame 5-3 to Indians 2. 

 Valdez is leader in effectiveness and strikes. This year has mark of 6-2 with 0,49 of effectiveness, when in 13 games, he stroke 122  players in 73.1 entrances, with 34 hits, seven runs, four clean, and six bases by balls. 

 In other games of the division, Ronald Quevedo gave two doubles so that the Diamondbaks overcame 15-6 the Tigers. At the time, Enrique Valdez gave double and two singles so that Indians II left in the way the Reds 12-1. 

 Eury Morel with single and home run gave the triumph to the Red Socks, 8-4 over the Rockies. In the Air Base of San Isidro the Giants squashed the Dodgers I 12-2. 

 In the East National Division, the Giants are in the edge with 31-23. Just 7,5 games away from the Diamondacks, followed by Rockies (8.5), Puppies (10.5), Red (12.0), and Dodgers (12.0).

 Whereas in East American, Indian 1 dominated with 43-13, followed by the Tigers 8,5, Indians II to 12, Twins to 13 and Red Socks to 15.0  

In West Santo Domingo, Jose Cardenas batted two singles in the triumph of Yankees 1 of 8-3 over Yankees 2. The Parents overcame 11-10 the Mets with double and three singles of Rayner Contreras.  

Yankees I are  in the first place with 37-19, followed by Parents with 31-24 to 5,5, Mets to 11,5 and Yankees II to 18.0. 

 In Campo Las Palmas, Cesar Minaya batted double and three singles. The  Dodgers II won 7-6  over the Filis. Now, they stay five games away from the  Sailors in the first position of the North Santo Domingo. 

 In a double game, Bernardine Jabalera gave double and single. The Athletics II overcame 2-1 the Expos. In the second game Carlos Jarche gave three singles and Oakland, also won the second 8-7. 

 In other results, Samuel Hernandez gave double and single in the triumph of Sailors 6-1 over the Athletics. In the second game Seattle swept again when winning 5-4 with single and triple from Eddy Hernandez.  

The Sailors have maintained the first place throughout the summer and now they have a 42-15 mark. They are followed by Dodgers II who are five games away and then tailed by the Athletics I 12,5, Expos to 17,0, Filis to Athletics 19 and II to 27.5  

Reales Dominate the Cibao 

 In San Francisco de Macorís, Willie Matos chartered two doubles. The Reales of Salcedo won 2-1 to over the Braves 2 De Las Cobas in the division of the Cibao.  

The other game programmed in the Stage Julian Javier between 1 and Marlins was delayed due to rains. 

 Here, the Reales De Salcedo are in the top with 42-10, followed by White Sox de Moca with 22-18, behind are the Braves to 19, Marlins to 21, and 2 Barves to 29.


Jairo Garcia, Dominican Number 383 making debut in Major Leagues 

By Alexander Gomez
Dominican Summer League
Santo Domingo (Ago 10),
-The right Jairo Garcia became player 381 in making debut in Major Leagues this year. He is also the fourteen that has played in Summer League. 

 Native from Juan Baron, he was chosen in the Rookie Selection of Dominican League celebrated year last in Santiago. He was selected in the eighth round by Leones Del Escogido. 

 With 21 years and six feet he made debut for the Twins in Minnesota on August 1. He stroke out one during the two innings in which he worked. Now he is the seventeenth Dominican arriving to Major Leagues this season.  

This boy is product of the National Academy Juan Marichal and the Athletics of Oakland in La Victoria. He played in the Dominican League in the summer of 2000.  

In addition, he is the fourth player from Escogido that arrives this year. The others are Franklin Graceski, Gregory Aquino, and Merkin Valdez. 

 Before Jairo, Yhency Brazoban had made debut with the Dodgers against the Pirates in Dodger Stadium. He is the seventh player of the Tigres Del Licey in making debut this year. 

 From the group that has arrived to the Great Circus, only Jose Bautista, Arnie Muñoz, Franklin Graceski, and Bartholomew Fortunato, were signed by drawings in the United States. Muñoz was signed like free agent. 

NO      NAME           TEAM     LIDOM   VERANO
367     José Bautista  Bal     L       No Jugo
368     Héctor Luna    SL      AC      Cle 99
369     Franklin Graceski      Fla     E       No Jugo
370     Félix Díaz     Sox     L       SF 98,99
371     Daniel Cabrera Bal     AZ      Bal 99,00
372     Frank Francisco Tex     L       Bos 98
373     Anastacio Martínez     Bos     L       Bos 98
374     Denny Bautista Bal     EO      Fla 00
375     Elizardo Ramírez       Phi     GN      Phi 00, 01
376     Eddy Rodríguez Bal     L       Bal 99
377     Arnie Muñoz    Sox     AC      No jugo
378     Bartolomé Fortunato    TB      GN      TB 97,98,99
379     Greg Aquino    Ari     E       Fla 96,97
380     Roberto Novoa  Det     L       Pit 00
381     Merkin Valdez  SF      E       Atl 00,01
382     Yhency Brazoban LA      L       NYy 98
383     Jairo García   Oak     E       Oak 00

Anahein approaches two games in San Pedro de Macorís

El Peñon (Ago 06), -Larry Infante approached the Angels to the first place with six hits in the double billboard when sweeping 6-4 and 5-4 the Orioles in the Division of San Pedro de Macorís. 

 In the first game, Larry went of 3-3, including a double, two written down and stole bases, in the game that Amalio Diaz won and Franklin Trinidad lost.  

In the second, Infante batted of 4-3 with written down run, being Esmelin Jiménez the winner and Gustavo Lebrón the defeated one. 

 With these two triumphs Anaheim sticks to games of the leaders of Toronto that have 36-15 mark, just three weeks away to complete the season. 

 Pirates 3, Blue Jays 1 

 In Pringamosa, Hato Mayor, Isael González went of 4-2 with written down and double. National Champions Pirates won the game 3-1 to the Blue Jays. Edwin Cordero won, Francisco Mateo lost, and Adrián Polanco rescued the game. 

Stars 2, Rangers 1  

In  Ingenio Santa Fé, -Manuel Bueno marked 4-2 with written down and two stolen bases, in the game that the Astros won 2-1 over the Rangers of the Roman. Triumph for Luís Santos, defeat for Jaime Mercado and rescue of Samuel Gervasio. 

 Puppies 5, Giant 4

 In Las Américas, Gregory Polanco gave single and triple. The Cubs won to the visitors of San Francisco 5-4. Triumph for Darwin Medina and defeat for  Henry Sosa. 

Twin 5, Red 3  

In the Américas, -The pitching of Melvin Senna leaded Minnesota to defeat Cincinnati 5-3. John Caballero saved, whereas Alexander Suazo lost. 

DBacks 5, Medias Rojas 4  

In Las Américas, Pedro Ciriaco gave two singles in the victory of Arizona  5-4 over Boston, in first of double billboard. Miguel Neyos won and Pascal Gaclis lost. 

 DBacks 4, Average Red 3 

 In Las Américas, Laison Septimo gave double and single. Arizona completed a swept defeating Boston 4-3 in the second game of journey. Carlos Milano won, whereas Henry Cabrera was the defeated one.


Robert Novoa Fourth Licey Player Arriving to Major Leagues this Year 

By Alexander Gomez
 Santo Domingo (Ago 01),
-The right Robert Noboa (Tigers of Detroit) became the fourth Licey player that makes debut this year in the Major Leagues and the Dominican number 380 by life. 

 Novoa, made debut Friday against the White Sox in 0.1 innings. He only allowed two hits. In addition, he is another product from Dominican Summer League.  

The native from Las Matas, was born on August, 1979. His age is 24 years now. He pitched for Pirates of San Pedro de Macorís in the summer of 2000. 

 He had a mark of 4-6 with 4,15 of effectiveness after thirteen games and 44 strike outs in 82.1 innings pitched. 

Whereas with the Tigers the past winter, he marked 0-1, striked four in 7.1 in six games in which he saw action with the national and Caribbean champions.  

The three previous players from Tigers del Licey arriving to Major Leagues for the first time were; Jose Bautista(Orioles), Felix Diaz (White Sox), and Anastacio Martinez(Red Socks) 

He is number eighteen in making debut with Tigers of Detroit’s uniform and number fourteen in which it goes this season. 

 The thirteen of this year are; Grez Aquino(Arizona) Bartolome Fortunato(Tampa Bay), Arnie Muñoz(Chisox), Eddy Rodriguez (Baltimore), Elizardo Ramirez(Philadelphia), Dennys Bautista (Baltimore), Anastacio Martinez(Boston), Frank Francisco(Texas), Daniel Cabrera(Baltimore), Felix Diaz(Chisox), Franklyn Gracesky (Florida), Héctor Luna and Jose Bautista(Baltimore).

 From 380 Dominicans in the best baseball of the world, 164 are pitchers and 150 diamond players, among them 22 catcherts and 66 fielders.  

 He is the ninth consecutive Creole pitcher drinking coffee in Major Leagues this year. 


NO           NAME                 TEAM            POS      AGE      DATE   PLACE  

367       José Bautista     Bal        3b         23         4/04      Santo Domingo             

368       Héctor Luna       SL         ss         24         4/08      Monte Cristy     

369       Franklin Graceski           P          24         4/29      Santo Domingo 

370       Félix Diaz          Sox       P          23         5/13      Matas Farfán     

371       Daniel Cabrera  Bal        P          22         5/13      San Pedro M     

372       Frank Francisco  Tex       P          24         5/14      Santo Domingo.

373       Anastasio Martínez         Bos       P          25         5/22      Santo Domingo 

374       Denny Bautista  Bal        P          23         5/25      Sánchez           

375       Elizardo Ramírez                        Phi        Pr         21         5/25      Santo Domingo   

376       Eddy Rodríguez  Bal        P          22         5/31      San Pedro M

377       Arnie Muñóz       Sox       P          21         6/19      Mao     

378       Bartolomé Fortunato       TB        P          6/29      Santo Domingo.

379       Greg Aquino      Ari        P          26         7/02      Palenque

380       Roberto Novoa   Det       P          24         7/29      Las Matas         

381       Merkin Valdez    SF         P          22         8/01      San Cristobal




Joan Pino Whitens Giants in East Santo Domingo 

 LAS AMERICAS, (Ago 04), Venezuelan Joan Pino(Twins) was the winning pitcher in the triumph of Minnesota, 5-0, over San Francisco. Gregorio Martinez was defeated. At the same time, William Luque gave two singles for the winners. 

In other results, Yankees II won over Yankees I, 5-4. Marcos De Jesus gave three hits. The Parents won over the Mets 3-2 to complete the activity in the West Division of Santo Domingo. 

 In the North, the Sailors overcame the Expos 11-12. Jairo Hernandez connected single and triple, whereas the Filis won 7-3 to A’s II. 

 Dodgers II prevailed over Athletics 2-1. Jose Nuñez helped with double and two singles. 

In the East, Orlando Rodriguez batted two hits so that the Tigers overcame 2-1 the Red Averages. Ernesto Ferreras gave double and single in the game in which the Dbacks won over Dodgers I 9-1.


Merkin Valdez Tenth Native Pitcher Making Debutin MLB this Year 

By Alexander Gómez
El National /Especial
Santo Domingo (Ago 03), -
Merkin Valdez became the tenth consecutive Dominican pitcher making debut in Major Leagues this year. 

 Merkin, from San Cristóbal and with 22 years, became the number 381(the fifteen this summer) belongs to Leones del Escogido. He has not played in the league yet since he is the latest product of the most recent Rookie Selection. 

He was directly recommended to Daniel Aquino by Felipe Alou, in order to be selected in this drawing.  

This boy belongs to the Giants of San Francisco, measures six feet and five inches with 208 pounds. He is another boy from Dominican Summer League.  

Under the name of Manuel Mateo, he marked 1-5, with 32 strikes out and fourteen bases by balls. He played  with the Brave of Atlanta with in San Francisco de Macorís in the summer of 2000. 

 In December of 2002, the Giants of San Francisco were forced to change their star, Russ Ortis, to Braves of Atlanta. That’s how they aquired two young left-handed prospects, Damion Moss and the now named Merkin Valdez.  

From the 381 Dominican in the best baseball of the world, 165 are pitchers, 150in the diamond, among them 22 are catchers and 66 are fielders. 

 From this year’s crew only Jose Bautista and Héctor Moon are not pichers. The rest are serpentineros from April 29 when Franklin Gracesky initiated the gust of wind. 

 He was one of the fourteen Dominican players in the  Future All Star Game, celebrated in Minute Maid Park of Houston for the pause of the All Star Game of Major Leagues. 

 The fifteen of this year are; Merkin Valdez, of San Francisco; Robert Novates, of Detroit; Greg Aquino, of Arizona; Bartholome Fortunato, of Tampa Bay; Arnie Muñoz, of the Chisox; Eddy Rodriguez, of Baltimore; Elizardo Ramirez, of Philadelphia; Dennys Bautista, of Baltimore; Anastacio Martinez of Boston; Frank Francisco, of Texas; Daniel Cabrera, of Baltimore; Felix Diaz, of the Chisox; Franklyn Gracesky of Florida; Héctor Luna and Jose Bautista, of Baltimore.


NO        Name    TEAM  POS        AGE      DATE    PLACE  

367       José Bautista     Bal        3b         23         4/04      Santo Domingo             

368       Héctor Luna       SL         ss         24         4/08      Monte Cristy     

369       Franklin Graceski           P          24         4/29      Santo Domingo 

370       Félix Diaz          Sox       P          23         5/13      Matas Farfán     

371       Daniel Cabrera  Bal        P          22         5/13      San Pedro M     

372       Frank Francisco  Tex       P          24         5/14      Santo Domingo.

373       Anastasio Martínez         Bos       P          25         5/22      Santo Domingo 

374       Denny Bautista  Bal        P          23         5/25      Sánchez           

375       Elizardo Ramírez                        Phi        Pr         21         5/25      Santo Domingo   

376       Eddy Rodríguez  Bal        P          22         5/31      San Pedro M

377       Arnie Muñóz       Sox       P          21         6/19      Mao     

378       Bartolomé Fortunato       TB        P          6/29      Santo Domingo.

379       Greg Aquino      Ari        P          26         7/02      Palenque

380       Roberto Novoa   Det       P          24         7/29      Las Matas         

381       Merkin Valdez    SF         P          22         8/01      San Cristóba


In Yankees’ Triumph Wilmer Pino Hits triple, double, and Single 

 SAN CRISTOBAL, (Ago 02) -Wilmer Pino(Yankees 1) hitted triple, double, and single to help to in the whitened of 2-0 his team gave to the Parents of Najayo in Hill of Sueño. 

 Franklin Sanchez won, Alexis Candelario lost and Jesus Hernandez saved. 

 Mets 5, Yankees II 1 

 In Nize, Jose Mateo hitted double and single. The Mets defeated the Yankees II 5-1. Triumph for Julio Polanco and defeat for Jose Venecia. 

 Athletic 16, Expos 3 (1st) 

 In La Victoria, Oakland 2 won 6-3 over Montreal. In the first game, the victory was for Víctor Luces, defeat for Leandro Payano and saved game by Keith Eusebio.  

Expos 9, Athletic Is 3 (2nd) 

 In La Victoria, Jonathan Castro gave three hits helping in Montreal’s triumph 9-3 over Oakland. In this second game Jose Vazquez won and Francisco Roca lost. 

 Athletic II 9, Dodgers II 8 (1st) 

 In Campo Las Palmas, Javier James batted double and single  Oakland’s triumph, 9-8 over the Angels. Victory for Miguel Marrero, defeat for Francisco Feliz, and Henry Rosario saved the game. 

 Dodgers II 1, Athletic II 0 

 In Campo Las Palmas, Rafael Conde hitted two doubles in the whitened 1-0 of Dodgers over Athletics. This happened in the second game of a double game. Amado Chávez saved. 

 Sailors 2, Filis 0 (1st) 

 In the Complex Epy Guerrero, Jose Surick was the winning pitcher in the whitened 2-0 of Seattle over Philadelphia. Alexander Concepcion was the defeated one and Tomas Bonilla loaded with the rescue.  

Sailor 4, Filis 3 (2nd) 

 In Epy Guerrero, Larry Bonilla connected home run. The triumph was for Seattle 4-3 over Philadelphia. Victory for Víctor Perez, and defeat of Elisandy Diaz. 

 Giants 10, Reds 5 

 In the air base of San Isidro, Luís Nial gave three hits in San Francisco’s triumph 10-5 over Cincinnati. Carlos De La Rosa won and Johnny Cueto lost. 

 Tigers 4, Rockies 3 

 In the Americas-Colorado, Cesar Herrera gave double. Triumph for Detroit 4-3 over Colorado. Santo Francowas the winner, Ronney Lopez the defeated one, and Josel Suero saved. 

 Indians I 13, Twin 4

In the Americas-Cleveland, Jose Jiménez gave double and simple Victory for Cleveland 13-4 over Minnesota. Alam Ramirez won, whereas Edgard Almánzar lost. 

 Dodgers I 5, Indians II 4  

In Campo Las Palmas, Basilio Rivas gave double and single.  Angels won over Cleveland 5-4. Triumph for Landestoy Troncos and defeat for Rafael load.  

Puppies 4, Dbacks 3  

In the Américas-Chicago, Lisandro Rosario gave double and single. Cubs overcame 4-3 the Dbacks. Victory for Jose Caridad and defeat for Carmelo Aguirre. Carlos Guerrero lost.


Jose Lugo Allowed a Single Hit to the Dodgers in North Santo Domingo 

LA VICTORIA (July 29), -The right pitcher Jose Lugo (Athletics) allowed one hit in six innings to whiten 5-0 the Dodgers 2 in the North division of Santo Domingo. 

 Lugo, striked out four players. To finish his magnificent work, a  single hit by Cesar Minaya was allowed in the third inning. Martín Arias lost, whereas Jose Pineda gave three hits for the winners. 

 In Payero, Maneli Pimentel gave two hits for the victory of the Sailors 2-1 over the Expos, Triumph for Bonilla Bonilla and defeat for Jorge Diverges. 

 In J.R. Complex, Mathews Santos fired three hits in the triumph of filis 10-4 over Athletics 2. Victory for Elvin Jiménez and defeat for Jose Núñez. 

 In West Santo Domingo  

 In Najayo, Carlos Leon hitted double and single. Saidel Beltrán was the winner of the game in which Yankees 1 whitened 2-0 to Parents. Jose Pimentel was the defeated one. 

 In San Cristóbal, Junior Contreras gave two hits in the victory of the Mets 6-4 over the Yankees 2. Triumph for Jacobo Negili and defeat for Ronie Marte. 

 In East Santo Domingo
 In the Aereal base of San Isidro, the Rockies won 7-5 over the local Giants. Victory for Ricky Peña, and defeat for Greogorio Martinez, Luís Ramos saved.

In Villa Duarte, Pedruir Batista gave two hits when the Tigers won over the Twins 6-3. Triumph of Cornelio Castillo, defeat for Jose Castillo, and rescue of Jose Luís Suero. 

 In El Toro, Jose Constanza gave triple and two hits, to reach eighty in the station. This happened in  the game in which Cleveland 1 won 7-2 to Boston. Julio Pinto won, Francisco Brito lost, and Adal Ramirez saved the game. 

 In the Americas-Cincinnati, Johnatan Mota connected two hits in the game that Chicago won 7-4 over Cincinnati. Carlos Morla won and Jhony Cueto lost. 

 In the Americas-Cleveland2, Juan Montero gave three hits in the triumph of the Indians 9-5 over the Diamondbacks. Jorge Rivera gano, Iván Cedeño lost.


Cuban Valdez allows a hit and a wide strike out leadership  

LAS AMERICAS (July 26), -Cuban Pitcher Raul Valdez(Puppies) striked out nine players to defeat Dodgers 1. He took the whitened route, scoring 4-0.  He also extended the swing leadership of the East Santo Domingo leadership to 84. 

 In seven episodes, Valdez allowed the single of Eduardo Rivas in the third inning. His triumph placed a mark of 3-2. Daigero Rondón was defeated and Darwin Medina the rescuer. Juan Dris hitted triple and two singles. 

 Behind Valdez, in the square of strike outs are Guillermo Moscoso(Tigers of Detroit) with 69. He has an effectiveness of 0.73 in nine games. 

In 49.1 24 innings he has allowed 24 hits, with five doubles, a triple, five bases by balls, and six runs(four cleans). With the team of Chicago that has mark of 13-27 in 41 games and up to 12.t away  of the Punteros of San Francisco. 

 In Américas-Cleveland 1, Jose Constanza gave three hits to arrive at 77 in the season. The victory was for Indians, 13-1 over the Rockies. 

Constanza looks like he will arrive at one hundred hits in next the two weeks. Just five weeks away to finish the regular turn of the league and to approach the summer mark, which is 118. 

 This boy is the leader of hits in the circuit with 484, product of 77hits in 159 turns. In addition, he is leader of triples (14), towed (32) and runs (44). 

In the Américas-Minnesota, -Manuel Rafael gave to two doubles and a single. The Red Averages won over the Twins with marker of 6-5. Henry Cabrera won and John Caballero lost. 

 In Baseball City-Arizona, Francisco Mercedes connected three hits. The Diamondbacks wom over the Giants 6-1. Joan Jose was the victorious and Chacón Martíz the defeated one. 

 In Villa Duarte, Jose Paulino(Tigers) helped his team with two hits in the victory of Detroit of 4-3 over Cincinnati. Ramon García was the winner, whereas Luís Montaño was the defeated one. Jose Luís Suárez saved the game. 

 In West Santo Domingo: 

 In Nize, Wilfredo Lorenzo(Yankees 2) hitted single and home run. His team’s victory over the Mets was 5-3. Triumph for Venezuelan Jaime Carullo, defeat for Edwin Martinez and rescue for Ramon Suero. 

 In San Cristóbal, Edison De Los Santos(Yankees 1) connected home run and hit. His crew won over the sharpshooting Parents with marker of 5-2. Franklin Sanchez won. Manuel Mercedes lost. 

 In North Santo Domingo:

 In the Complex of Epy Guerrero, Manely Pimentel shot three hits. The local Sailors won over Athletics2, 5-4. Victory for Jael Moon, defeat for Miguel Marrero, and rescue of Natividad Diloné. 

 In Campo Las Palmas, Eduardo Perez chartered three hits. Dodgers 2 won over  Montreal 9-7 with triumph for Juan Flowers, defeat for Loengris Figueroa, and rescues of Francisco Feliz, 

 In the National Academy Juan Marichal, Joan Ortiz gave double so that Athletics 1 could win 3-1 over the Filis. In  the first game of a double billboard Victor Lucas won and Carlos Peña lost.  

In the second game, Carlos González gave three hits to the A´s. Philadelphia wom 3-1 over Athletics 1. Written down triumph for Melvin Lopez and defeat for Elisandy Diaz.


Jose Constanza Leads the East batting Mark Hitting  6-6  

LAS AMERICAS (July 23), In the East division of the Dominican Summer League, Jose Constanza (Indians 2) went of 6-6, including  a triple and five hits in the victory of his team over  the Cachorros. The score was 14-3. 

 Constanza leads the batters of the circuit with 464 hitting average.to In addition he commands the towed, hits, triples, and stolen bases categories.  

 Before his game with Chicago this boy had a mark of 153-71 in 37 games, with 41 runs, 71 hits, 28 towed, thirteen triples and 28 stolen bases.  

In the game in which Constanza batted of 6-6, Cleveland 1 gave fifteen hits so that Alexis of the Rose took the triumph however that Felín Santana was the defeated one. 

 In Las Americas-Cleveland Moisés Santa hitted double and home run. The Red Averages won in Indian’s premises 2 with 8-5 scored. Francisco Brito was the winner and Joamer Montero the defeated one. 

 In Baseball City, Daniel Mayorá gave triple, double, and single in a whitened of 4-0. The Rockies won over the the Diamondbacks. Cristian Tejeda lost and Leonidas Cabrera lost. 

 In Las Américas-Minnesota, Eric Hernandez gave double to help the Twin overcome 2-1 the Dodgers. Victory for John Caballero and defeat for Jose Luís Romero.  

In Villa Duarte, Gregorio Martinez (Giants) striked out seven players. Only one hit in seven entrances to whiten Detroit 8-0. Jorge Patiño was the only hit of the Tigers. 

 In the West, the Cuban Zaidel Beltrán(Yankees 1) whitened 4-0 the Mets in the Mélido Perez Complex in  Nize. Jorge Moral saved the game. Jacobo Negili lost. Edison De Los Santos connected two hits. 

 In Najayo, Rainer Contreras gave a home run and three singles.The triumph was for the local Parents, 14-0,  over Yankees 2. Angel Cordero won. Roniel Marte lost.

In the North, Juan Apodaca gave two hits in the victory of Angels 2 over  Oakland 1. The score was 4-3 in Campo Las Palmas, home of Dodgers 1 and 2 in this Summer League. 

 Richard Bustamante won and Leandro Noboa Lost. 

 In Epy Guerrero’s Complex, Abel Abreu hitted two doubles and two hit. In this game Montreal won over Seattle scoring 6-2. Jonathan Amador was the winner, whereas Michael Mercedes lost and Jorge Duverge saved the game. 

 In the National Academy Juan Marichal, a double game closed the day of Friday. The Athletic  overcame 6-5 the Filis in the first game. In the second game they lost 8-7.  

In the first game, Mario Luís gave four hits. Henry Rodriguez won. Carlos  Cespedez lost. In the second game, Eusebio Aldaño went with a double and a home run. Raymon Cruz won and Francisco Conopoy lost.


Eloy two Gutiérrez connects double and hits Dodgers triumph

CAMPO LAS PALMAS (July 22), -Eloy Gutiérrez (Dodgers) chartered a double and two hits in the victory of Angels 2, 15-6 over the Sailors in the North division of the Dominican Republic’s Summer League.  

The Dodgers hitted a total of 18 times and made six mistakes in the game. Mario Alvarez won and  Eddy Fernandez lost. 

 In Yamasá, Abddiel Corro, shot home run and two hits in the triumph of Montreal 8-4 over Philadelphia in the J.R. Complex home of the Filis this summer. 

 Jose Ureña was the winner, whereas Alexander Conception was the defeated one, Atahualpa Severino was the one that marked  down the victory. 

 In La Victoria, the game between Oakland 1 versus Oakland 2 was suspended again due to rains.  

In Villa Duarte, Pedro Bautista(Tigers) gave a double and two hits. The score was 2-1, Detroit won over Colorado in the Stadium of the Dominican Navy. 

 Jose Luís Suero was the winner, whereas Manuel Pichardo turned out to be the defeated one.  

The games between Chicago and Arizona, Cleveland 1 versus Minnesota, the Angels 1 versus 2 Cleveland and San Francisco versus Cincinnati were posponed due to rains. 

 In San Cristóbal, Jonathan Sanchez gave two hits in the victory  the Mets’ victory of 2-1 over the Yankees 2. Triumph for Edwin Martinez and defeat for Miguel Mounts.  

In Najayo, Luís Aybar batted home run and single in the Parent’s victory of 8-6 over Yankees 1. Alfredo Javier won, Antonio Familia lost and Ernesto Ferry savedthe game.


NAJAYO, (July 16), -Jarol González(Parents) hitted a double and two singles to help San Diego recovered the first place. They won over  Yankees 2 scoring 8-2, in the West Division the West of Santo Domingo.  

The Parents took advantage of  Yankees 1’s over Mets in Hill of Sueño. They tied in the first position with 22-14 mark, having behind the Mets (16-20) to six and Yankees 2 (12-24) to ten games.  

González is the eighth best hitter of the circuit. He shot off hits in 28 opportunities at 110 turns to the bat in 32 games for 255 of average. In addition he has forth position in scoring with 17 runs.  

In the game Julio Sanchez won and Joshua Celené lost. 

 In Loma de Sueño, J.R.Contreras batted double and single. The Mets won 5-1 over Yankees 1. Triumph for Jose Luís González and defeat for Carlos Rosario and Luís Rivas rescued.  

In North Santo Domingo 

 In Payero, Junior Núñez gave home run and three hits. Philadelphia overcame 8-2 the local Expos. Victory for Felix Morillo and defeat for Atahualpa Severino. 

 In the Epy Guerrero Stadium, Jerry Bonill gave two hits. Seattle won over Angels 2 8-6 with the shipments of Michael Mercedes. The defeat was for Jonathan Valverde and Natividad Diloné rescued.

The game between Oakland 1 versus Oakland 2 was suspended due to rains.

In East Santo Domingo
 In Base Aerea San Isidro, Miguel Insulsa gave hits for the victory of Cleveland 1. They won 5-1 over the locals San Francisco with triumph for Aníbal Velorio and defeat for Lino Polica. 

 In the Américas-Cincinnati, Michael Mesa hitted simple and triple. The Reds whitened 2-0 the Diamondbacks. Misael González won and Mialane Dengs lost. 

 In El Toro, Richard Santana chartered triple and two singles in the victory of the Red Averages 13-3 over the Puppies. Victory for Emily Guerrero and defeat of Carlos Morla. 

 In the Américas-Cleveland2, Jornan Pamirez connected three singles in the triumph of Indians 2. The score was 8-5 over the Twins. Victory for Carlos Ferpa and defeat for Melvin Senna.  

In Campo las Palmas, Filman Tremida connected two doubles and a single in the victory of the Rockies of 10-5over the Dodgers 1. Triumph for Cristian Tejeda and defeat for Jeisy Santos. 

 Cibao Division   

In Moca, Alex La Chapell gave to two home runs and a single in the beating that the White Sox  Gave to the Marlins. With a 19-4 score, the triumph was for Dario Reynoso and the defeat for Ramon Batista. 

 In Salcedo, Alvin Perez and Felix Peralta hitted double and two singles each. The Reales defeated the Braves 11-2. Rayner Oliveras was the winner, Arwin Bruno lost and, Jose Rodriguez saved the game.  

Kansas City is in first with 30-4 mark, followed by Atlanta2  16-16 with thirteen. Chicago is in third with 15-16 to 13,5, Florida with 13-21 to 17, and Atlanta 2 with -23 to 21,5 games. 


National League Defeats American in the Stars Game of this Summer 

 By Alexander Gómez
- Panamanian Abraham Aguilar     (Parents) connected home run pushing three runs in the high part of the third inning. That gave The National League its first victory over The American League. The score in the Stars Game of the Dominican Summer League, 2004 was 7-2. 

With this triumph National League wins for the first time. In its two  previous editions the American left victorious. They played in Santo Domingo and Santiago, respectively. 

 Abraham Aguilar, with two years in the circuit, was named "Valuable Player". This edition finished in eighth innings due to lack of American’s pitchers.  

Mario Gracia (Dodgers) was the winner. He worked in the fourth inning, striking out two players. The defeated one was it Fernando de Naval  (Orioles) who allowed two home runs, four clean runs, two bases by balls and a touch of sacrifice. 

 In the low part of the second entrance the American opened the score. After one out and with the pitching of Waldis Joaquin (Giants) they put the score board 2-0. 

 William Luque(Twins) connected a hit, then he completed a run with the double of Manuel Rafael (Red Averages). Manuel moved to third base with high ball of Angel Kings(Tigers), and scored the second run with double of Michael Núñez (Yankees). 

 Closing of the third inning against Naval Fernando (Orioles) National players, Luis Reynoso and Abdiel Corro (Astros and Expos), were transferred and crossed to second and third base with sacrifice of Denis Rivadeneira (Braves). 

 It was then when the consecutive home runs arrived from Abraham Aguilar (Padres) and Eduardo Perez (Dodgers). One was by the left field and the other by the right field to place the score 4-2. 

 In the eighth, Jose Núñez (Dodgers), disappeared the ball by the meadow of the left garden against Wander Valdez. That extended the differnce to three runs. 

 Soon the seventh race was towed by Junior Núñez with high ball to the central field. 

Pitchers in action from local Americans were: Rainer Oliveiro (1st), Jose Lugo (2nd), Fernando de Naval (3rd), Francisco Moscoso (4th), Johan Pino (5th), and Wandel Valdez (6th). 

Pitchers of the National were: Waldis Joaquin (1st), Juan Almonte (2nd), Mario Gracia (3rd), Jose García (4th), Joel Estévez (5th), Orlando Baenz (7th), Orlando Paulino (8th), Evaristo Perez, and Jhonny Cueto. 

This was the first time that this kind of game is transmitted by radio. Radio Sultana F.M in the 90,7 took gave the incidences of the same one.  

With the narration of Daniel Javier and Plutarco de la Cruz, the insights from Ricard Santana and Mickey Nazario, and the commercials from Alexis Forbés for all the east region of the country.  

In the competitions before the game, Pedro Ciriaco(Diamondbacks) won the speed trials.  Michael Table (Reds) was the best right field shotter and Robert Sosa (Red Averages) took the first place.  

The office of the Dominican Summer League in Santo Domingo informed that next summer’s classic will take place in the Quisqueya Stadium of the Dominican capital.


Stars Game’s Roster is Presented 

By Alexander Gómez

Santo Domingo, (July 16), -The Dominican Summer League presented the list of the players for American and National Leagues. Those players will perform in the Stars Game that will take place the next Sunday in San Pedro de Macorís.

The Indians of Cleveland organization, represented two teams, has five players in the game that will be celebrated in the Tételo Stage Vargas Stadiun.

Virgilio Peña and Jose Constanza in the fields, Newman Romero in the diamond, and Francisco Rosario and Ezequiel de Peña are pitchers. They quintet of the crew.

Each teamis at least represented by two other teams in order to complete the roster with eleven pitchers, three catchers, ten players of the diamond and six fielders.  

In the National League the team wiht more players are; Angeles and San Diego with four, and Montreal with three. In the American league are Cleveland with five, and Detroit and Toronto with three. 

 Pitchers of the American League are: Jose Lugo (Oak), Rayner Oliveiro (KC), Fernando de Naval (Bal), Francisco Rosario (Cle), Guillermo Moscoso (Det), Jesus Méndez (NYY), Thorny Gustavo (Ana), Ezequiel de Peña (Cle), Johan Pino (Min), Francisco Mateo (Tor), and Wander Valdez (Det).

The catchers are: Eduardo Cabrera (Ana), Jonathan Laspe (Tor), and Robert Sosa (Bos).

The diamond players are: Jesus González (Tor), Ronald Gorth (He is), Manelik Pimentel (He is), Newman Romero (Cle), William Luque (Min), Manuel Rafael (Bos), Pedro Moreno (Chisox), Angel Reyes (Det), Mithchel Núñez (NYY), and Roig Núñez (NYY).

The fielders are: Ramon Alvarado (Oak), Angel de la Cruz (Tex), Jose Duarte (KC), Richard de Oleo (Bal), Jose Constanza (Cle), and Virgilio Peña(Cle). 

Pitchers of the National League are: Antonio Bruno (Col), Raul Valdez (Chicubs), Juan Almonte (Ari), Waldis Joaquin (SF), Mario Grecia (LA), Joel Estévez (SD), Jose García (Fla), Sergio Severino (Hou), Manuel Mercedes (SD), Orlando Baena (SD), and Ricardo Paulino (Pit).

The catchers are: Luís Reynoso (Hou), Joan Martinez (NYM), and Juan Apodaca (LA).

The fielders are: Junior Núñez (Phi), Daniel Mayora (Col), Jhonatan Mota(Chicubs), Javier Corro(Mon), Pedro Ciriaco (Ari), Jose Núñez (LA), Abraham Aguilar (SD), Norberto Batista (Fla), Eduardo Perez (LA), and David Rivadeneria (Atl).

Héctor Perez (SF), Maikel Mesa (Cin), Jonathan Sanchez (MYM), Victor Igfema (Pit), Kelvinechi Morillo (Mon), and Ernesto Mejia (Atl).  

Julio Bruno was selected as the leader of The American League.

He is the captain of the Reales de Salcedo. Pablo Martinez, Padres de Najayo will lead the National League. 

 Managers for Reales and Parents are those with the highest percentage of victories and defeats up to the half season. 

Other assistants for the American League are; Juan Castillo, Sailors; Junior Betances, Indians 1; Nelson Paulino, Red Averages; Juan Ramon Benhardt, Blue Jays, and Charlie Romero, Angels.  

For the National League, Ramon Valdivia, Giants; Pedro Megá, Dodgers 2; Gabriel Luquet, Braves 2; Luis De Los Santos, Dbacks, and Jose Mejia, Dodgers 1.  

The third edition of the Dominican Summer League’s Stars Game will be held in the Tételo Vargas Stadium, San Pedro de Macorís, next Sunday.

In previous games the American League won. One was celebrated in the Quisqueya Stadium, Santo Domingo, 2001. The other in the Cibao Stadium, Santiago, 2002. 

 Last year’s game was schedule in the same place of this summer, but it  was suspended  in the fourth inning due to rains. For that reason it was rescheduled to the Sultana del Este.


Raul Valdez allows one hit and strike out twenty Red  

LAS AMERICAS, (July 06), - Cuban Raul Valdez striked out twenty players  in seven entrances in the shut out of Chicago, 7-0 over Cincinnati in the Esat division of the Dominican Summer League. Johanny Cueto lost, whereas Jonathan Mota hitted three hits for the Cubs. 

 Valdez came last year from cuba to pitch in Santiago’s olympic games and later, in the winter, for the Giants of Cibao. That was his first professional presentation.His winter last game was in the Final Series against the Licey, January 23, striking out  two with two clean runs in 4.2 entraces. There his mark was 1-0 in two games, with five bases by balls, in 7.2 entrances with seven hits allowed. 

This summer, in the league of novices, he  is leader in strike outs with 69 and effectiveness with 0.00. Puppies find in him their only light, since they have mark of 9-19 in the fifth position to 8,5 in the East division of Santo Domingo. After yesterday’s  victory  he presents a 3-0 mark  in five games with 37,1 entrances pitched. During that period they have given twelve hits, with tenruns, five cleanings, five bases and 69 strike outs.  

In Villa Duarte, Peravin Bautista connected a double and two singles  The Detroit’s locals  defeated  Minnesota,9-6 runs, in the Dominican Navy’s Stadium. Joscar Laidosa won, Melvin De Jesus lost, and William Valdez rescued. In San Isidro, Héctor Borgs,Giants, gave three hits. The triumph belonged to San Francisco,7-4 over the Rockies of Colorado. Victory for Sconar Patiño, Antonio Bruno lost, and Juan Ramirez rescued. In Las Américas, Pedro Ciriaco, Dbacks, hitted a  double and three singles in route of a 9-3 victory over Cleveland 2. Charlie Buriez won, Julio Bolivar lost. In el Toro, Roberto Sosa, Red Averages, connected a double, a triple leading Boston to win over Cleveland 1. Pelvis Pascual won, whereas Luís Perdomo lost.   

In West Santo Domingo

In Nize,the Yankkee Gerson Manzanillo hitted two singles leading  his team to win 6-1 over the local Mets. Juan Cruz Triunter won, Jose Frias lost, and Jesus Méndez saved. In Loma de Sueño, Jorge Marte (Parents) hitted a  double and a single. The triumph was for San Diego, 9-7 over the Yankees 2. Ernesto Freiry won, Jose Mieses lost, and Joel Estévez saved the game. 

In North Santo Domingo 

 In Club Payero, Quelvicini Morillo (Expos) gave a home run leading his team to win 3-2 over Seattle, the visiting team. This was the fourth defeat for the Sailors this summer. Summer González won and Tomas Bonilla lost.  In JR Complex, Heikel Tavárez(Filis) connected a single and  a home run  in the shut out, 6-0, of Philadelphia over Oakland 2. Danny Luna won and Deiban Quevedo lost. In the Victory, the double game between Dodgers Athletic 2 and 1 was suspended once again due to  rains.



Manuel Brea hits 5-5 in Detroit’s triumph

LAS AMERICAS, (July 05), -Manuel Brea, of the Tigers, hitted 5-5, a double and four singles, in the victory of the novices of Detroit 13-2 over Cleveland 2 in the East division of the Dominican Summer League 2004. 

 From the fifteen hits of his team, Brea, hitted a third of them. In 26 games he scored 100-23 with 18 written down, a double, two triples, two home runs, ten towed, three bases by balls and seven bases robbed for and average of 230. 

 Freddy Dorei won and Joamer Montero lost. 

The Giants leaded this circuit (16-10), having behind the  Rockies (12-15), Dbacks (11-14), Dodgers 1 (10-15) and to Red and Puppies (7-18) eight and a half games away. In the air base of San Isidro, Ariel Núñez gave a single in the triumph of the  local Giants, 2-1, over the Puppies. Juan Ramirez was the winner and Jose Peña the defeated one.  

In the second game, Mario Mercedes gave 2  hits in the victory of Chicago 3-2 over San Francisco. Alberto Albuquerque won and Juan Trinidad lost.

 In El Toro, Ernesto Olima hitted a  double and two singles, Arizona left triumphant 6-4 over Boston. With victory for Milciades Baena, defeat for Yulquin Germán and rescue of Carlos Tejeda. In Campo Las Palmas, Basilio Rivas went with a single and a double, so Pedro Lorenzo was the owner of the triumph of Los Angeles 1 6-1 over Cleveland 1. Cristóbal Mata was the defeated one. 

 In Las Américas, William Luquet, gave three singles. Minnesota overcame 5-3 to Cincinnati. John Caballero won and Wilfin Obispo lost.  

Dodgers gave the third defeat to Sailors 

 In the Complex of Epy Guerrero, Eduardo Perez, of Dodgers 2, connected double and a single in the victory of the Angels 9-2 over Seattle in the North division of the  Dominican Summer League 2004. This is the third defeat of the Sailors who drive their boat to the first place with 20-3 mark, being single Expos, Athletic 2 and Dodgers the only ones that have defeat  them this summer. 

 Richard Bustamante was the winner, whereas Victor Perez loaded with the defeat. 

 Behind the Sailors are the Dodgers 2 scoring 5.5, Athletic 1  8.0, Filis 9.5, Expos 11.5 and Athletic 2 with mark of 2-18 for16.5. In the Payero Club, Eusebio Aldaño shot three hits in the victory of the Filis 6-1 over Montreal with victory for Alexander Concepcion and defeat for Jose Vásquez. In the National Academy Juan Marichal, Ramon Alvarado chartered a single and a home run. The triumph was for Oakland 1 scoring 4-2 over Oakland 2, with triumph for Inoel De Aza, defeat for Melvin Chal, and rescue for Keith Eusebio.

Mets sweeps Yankees in double game 

 In Nize, the local Mets swept the Yankees 2 in a double game, 6-1 and 4-3, respectively. They took place in the Melido Perez Sport Complex, corresponding to the calendar of the West Division of the Dominican Summer League 2004.  

In the first game, Jose Luís González was the winner, while  Ronnie Mars the defeated one, rescue of Moisés Robles. Rubén Martinez gave 2 hits. In the second, Anderson Diaz was the winner while Jose Venecia the defeated one. Joan Martinez gave 2 singles for the Mets. 

In Loma de Sueño, San Diego,the visitors, overcame 8-4 the Yankees 2. With the help of the three singles by Santiago Guerrero. Victory for Jackson Perez and defeat for Antonio Familia In the second game, Jovan Domínguez chartered a double and two singles in the triumph of Yankees 1 scoring 4-3 over the Parents. Victory for Franklin Sanchez and defeat for Juan Jiménez. 

 The Parents command the West scoring 17-8, followed by Yankees 1 scoring13-10 just three games away, Yankees 2 scoring 9-14 seven games away and the Mets scoring 9-16 eight complete games. 


Sanchez hits two doubles and two singles in West Santo Domingo.

SAN CRITOBAL (Julio 01), -Jonathan Sanchez, from the Mets, connected two doubles and two singles ones in the ample triumph over the  Yankees2,they scored 13-5,  in Loma del Sueño complex. The game corresponded to the division of  West Santo Domingo. The Mets, which home is in the community of Nize, are provided with accomodations in the Melido Perez Sport Complex for the first time. To the seventeen compass hits, Jose Frias took the victory, whereas Adriano Vásquez was defeated and the rescue for Jorge Kings.  

In Najayo, the local Parents defeated 4-3 the New York  Yankees 2, with triumph for Omar Alcántara and defeat of Juan Triunfel.  

Rains in North Santo Domingo
 The three games programmed in the north were cancelled, Seattle-Oakland 1 and Montreal-Oakland 2, whereas the Angels 2-Philadelphia were tied to zero in the seventh episode before the heavy showers arrived.  

Only two suspensions in East Santo Domingo
 In this circuit the games that found the obligation be suspended were those of Detroit-Boston in the first episode, and the one of Arizona-The Angels 1, also in the first act. In Las Americas, Janiel Aryan, gave homerun and a sigle in the bat attack of Cleveland ,13-1, over Cincinnati, with an attack of fourteen hits.

Luis Valdez won, Jorge Brito lost.

 In Las Americas, Esmil Roger, hitted a double, a single and three runs towed in the victory of Colorado of 7-1 over the visitors, Chicago Puppies. Leonardo Gutiérrez was the winner and  Daniel Jiménez was defeated. In San Isidro, the local Giants won 7-1 over the Twins with triumph of Adam Howe and defeat of Marlon Scout.


Bartolomé Fortunato, Dominican 378 in Major Leagues  


SANTO DOMINGO (Jul 01).-Dominican players made their debut in Major Leagues Baseball by the dozen, for the 10th season in a row. The 12th player was Bartolomé Furtunato. On Wednesday he kept the record, settled since 1995,of Dominican players making Major Legues by the dozen.

Fortunato, right pitcher age 29, pitched the Toronto Blue Jays during 2.1 innings, con una carrera limpia, cuatro hits y un ponche.  The Dominican is 6 feet and 1 inch tall, also is known as the fifth Dominican Devil Rays. The first one since Jesús Colome in 2001.

The four previous players were Jesús Colome, Jorge Sosa y Luis de los Santos en 2002 and in 2003 Antonio Pérez the only player who is not a pitcher. He was the 12th Dominican player in Major Leagues in 2004. Ever since1990 dominican republic had 10 players or more every year.

This year’s twelve players are; Bartolomé Fortunato, from Tampa Bay, Arnie Muñoz, from Chisox, Eddy Rodríguez, from Baltimore, Elizardo Ramírez, from Philadelphia, Dennys  Bautista, from Baltimore,  Anastacio Martínez  from Boston, Frank Fransisco , from Texas, Daniel Cabrera, from Baltimore, Félix Díaz , from los Chisox, Franklyn Gracesky from Florida,  Héctor Luna  and José Bautista, from Baltimore.

Among the 378 Dominicans in the best world’s baseball 162 are pitchers and 150 are en the square, among those 22 are catchers and  66 are fielders. The years we made it to the major leagues by the dozen are 1990 (12), 1992 (18), 1993 (13), 1995 (19), 1996 (17), 1997 (22), 1998 (16), 1999 (23), 2000 (21), 2001 (18), 2002 (21), 2003 (18) y 2004 (12).

 Dominican Debuts in 2004

NO      NAME                    EQP    POS   AGE   DATE           PLACE  
367   José Bautista    
       Bal      3b     23     4/04        Santo Domingo
368   Héctor Luna      
       SL       ss     24     4/08         Monte Cristi
369   Franklin Graceski
      Pr       24     24        2/29      Santo Domingo
370   Félix Diaz  Sox 
         P        23     23         5/13     Matas Farfán      Licey
371   Daniel Cabrera  
       Bal      P      22      5/13        San Pedro M      
372   Frank Francisco 
      Tex     Pr     24       5/14       Santo Domingo.
73   Anastasio Martínez    Bos     Pr     25      5/22        Santo Domingo  
374   Denny Bautista  
      Bal      Pr     23      5/25       nchez    
375   Elizardo Ramírez       Phi   
   Pr     21      5/25       Santo Domingo  
376   Eddy Rodríguez 
       Bal      Pr     22       5/31      San Pedro M
377   Arnie Muñóz      
      Sox     P      21       6/19      Mao 
378   Bartolomé Fortunato  TB   
   P                6/29       Santo Domingo.



Carlos Colon striked out ten Dodgers in the North of Santo Domingo 

Campo las Palmas, (Jun 29).-Carlos Colon, of the Sailors, striked out  ten batters of the Dodgers the score was 1-0 over Angels 2 in the Manuel Mota Stadium. Colon, who now places his mark in 3-1 entered the list of the best ten pitchers of the North circuit of the division of Santo Domingo tying with Jonathan Valverde, of the Dodgers 2.

In seven episodes,he allowed four hits with ten strike outs. Nelson Mendoza was the defeated one. Jesus Mateo the defeated one, whereas Ronald Garh gave hit.  The Sailors are playing this season in the Academy Epy Guerrero, since the organization of Milwaukee retired from the league. They are in the  first position with a 18-3 mark, leaving behind the Dodgers 2 and Athletic 1. 

 In Yamasá, Carlos González connected three singles in the triumph of Philadelphia of 8-5 over Montreal in the Complex JR, home of the Filis. Carlos Cespedes was the winner, whereas Summer Gonzales loaded with the defeat.Melvin Lopez wrote down the rescue. In the Victory, Joan Ortíz gave double and hit in the Athletic 1 whitened  of 11-0 to the  Athletic 2 in the Juan Marichal National Academy. Jose Lugo won and Jose Núñez lost.

In the West 

In Nize, Wilfredo Lorenzo, from Yankees 1, gave two singles in the victory of his team, 6-4 over the local Mets, they  played in the Mélido Perez Complex. Joshua Ovalles Won. Edwin Lorenzo was the defeated one. In San Cristóbal, Aaron González, from the Parents, connected two singles in the triumph of San Diego 5-4 over the Yankees 2, in the Loma de Sueño Stadium. Joel Estévez was the winner, whereas Jorge Garcia the defeated one. Rubén Vargas  remained with the saved one. 

 In the East 

 In las Américas, the Red ones whitened 3-0 races the Giants with victory of Misael González, defeat of Sharion the Martinez and two hits of Stanley Baptist by the winners.

 In the Américas, Felix Heredia leaded Indians 2 to victory,  1-6 over the Dodgers 1. Pedro Lorenzo lost. Luís Rincon gave two hits. In Baseball City, Jose Mota, from the Cachorros, Gave there hits in the triumph  8-2 of Chicago over the Diamondbacks of Arizona.  In that game Alberto Albuquerque defeated  Leonardo Vargas. In the Américas, Jose Jiménez, of Cleveland 1, connect one double and two singles in the triumph of the Indians, 5-4 races over the Minnesota Twin ones. Ezequiel Peña was the defeated. Jhon Horseman the defeated. In Villa Duarte, Eduardo Rivas, of the Rockies, gave double and Jonson in the triumph of Colorado over  Detroit, the score 8-5. In the Marina Stadium. Cornelio Bruno won. Cornelio Castillo lost